I would like to have suggestions for packages that provide K-Nearest Neighbor density estimator, I've already searched the web (to not bother you guys with my question :) ), but most results were about kernel density estimator. I know that the both are theoretically related, but I'm looking for something which more specified for KNN (that uses the original formulas of KNN density estimate).

Note that R language packages more preferred, but don't mind Python.

Thanks in Advance :D


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See this earlier inquiry: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5840983/knn-density-estimation-r

Also, the knnde function from the SC19057 package is pretty straightforward and is specifically for density estimation. It just requires the R package 'FNN'. You can see the MAN page at https://rdrr.io/github/SC19057/Rpackage/man/knnde.html, and see if it gets you what you need.

For Python, have a look at scikit-learn library. This section of the man pages covers density estimation with sklearn: https://scikit-learn.org/stable/modules/density.html


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