I am new to datasets. I have got an annotations train.json for MR image data like this -

annonations json

I want to train a Yolo-V8 model using this MR data images extracted from dicom raw data and annotations for detection and localization. But I am not able to make any head from this bbox description. I am used to seeing "bbox":[x,y,width,height] type of description. The link to the dataset is THIS. I have uploaded the complete test.json, train.json, val.json here. please help.


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The format description can be found on file DATASET.md at the github repo you linked:

The bounding box (bbox) format is [top left X position, top left Y position, top left Z position, deltaX, deltaY, deltaZ]. NOTE: X corresponds to row (SI), Y to column (AP), and Z (RL/LR) to depth.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you so much and apologies, I should have read the documentation properly $\endgroup$
    – mrin9san
    Apr 1 at 10:13

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