This is my first time building a custom model with SPACY NER.


Define a function to create spaCy DocBin objects from the annotated data

def get_spacy_doc(file, data):

Create a blank spaCy pipeline

nlp = spacy.blank('en') db = DocBin()

Iterate through the data

for text, annot in tqdm(data): doc = nlp.make_doc(text) annot = annot['entities']

ents = []
entity_indices = []

# Extract entities from the annotations
for start, end, label in annot:
  skip_entity = False
  for idx in range(start, end):
    if idx in entity_indices:
      skip_entity = True
  if skip_entity:

  entity_indices = entity_indices + list(range(start, end))
    span = doc.char_span(start, end, label=label, alignment_mode='strict')

  if span is None:
    # Log errors for annotations that couldn't be processed
    err_data = str([start, end]) + "    " + str(text) + "\n"

  doc.ents = ents

return db '''


Split the annotated data into training and testing sets

from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split train, test = train_test_split(cv_data, test_size=0.2)

Display the number of items in the training and testing sets

len(train), len(test)

Open a file to log errors during annotation processing

file = open('/content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/trained_models/train_file.txt','w')

Create spaCy DocBin objects for training and testing data

db = get_spacy_doc(file, train) db.to_disk('/content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/trained_models/train_data.spacy')

db = get_spacy_doc(file, test) db.to_disk('/content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/trained_models/test_data.spacy')

Close the error log file

file.close() '''


Train a spaCy NER model using the provided configuration and data

!python -m spacy train /content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/config/config.cfg --output /content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/trained_models/output --paths.train /content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/trained_models/train_data.spacy --paths.dev /content/drive/MyDrive/trial_domain_extraction/trained_models/test_data.spacy --gpu-id 0 ''' Output pipeline:

============================= Training pipeline ============================= ℹ Pipeline: [] ℹ Initial learn rate: 0.001 E # SCORE

0 0 0.00 100 200 0.00 200 400 0.00 300 600 0.00 400 800 0.00 500 1000 0.00 600 1200 0.00 700 1400 0.00 800 1600 0.00

I have followed the following article to the T.Text

My pipeline looks empty(please refer above.)Is it because there was too little training data? I have used 13 entities. Would you suggest training with more amount of annotated data would resolve this issue? If yes, how much quantitatively?



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