I'm working on a project (Python) to enforce the company naming convention of products on product lists provided by clients/suppliers. I'm having a list of company names (Standardised names) and those of external. I'm considering typos too - generating this list using GPT.

Here's are the models I'm considering:
Sequence-to-Sequence (Seq2Seq): LTSM over RNN
Transformer-Based Models: BERT on custom data

Additionally, I'm looking up fuzzy string matching.

Could anyone recommend other approaches, or if I'm missing something? Greatly appreciated :)

This a sample of the dataset I'm dealing with. This is the correct names. I'm creating my own dataset with around 20 incorrect names alongside the correct ones. There are about 20k+ unique names.


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  • $\begingroup$ Could you provide some sample data. This will help others understand your problem well and give relevant answers. $\endgroup$ Commented 2 days ago
  • $\begingroup$ Hi @VidyadharRao, thanks for the suggestion. I've added a snip of the dataset. $\endgroup$ Commented 2 days ago
  • $\begingroup$ "Additionally, I'm looking up fuzzy string matching." Did you already try fuzzy string matching algorithms instead of some models. I could imagine they suit your needs better. $\endgroup$
    – Broele
    Commented 19 hours ago


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