I have written a program that scrapes data from the web and I have in possession about 5k sentences which I want to analyze.

Part 1: I am just starting out in data science and wanted to know if there is such a thing as a library that will read through text and automatically classify words or sentences as being positive/negative/neutral. Is there such a thing that exists, perhaps in R or Python?

Part 2: From what I can tell, there isn't such a library, and I would have to do that myself by hand. It appears that the best way to analyze sentiment is to:

  • a) put the words in a corpus
  • b) do things like word stemming and clean up the text
  • c) download a dictionary of predetermined sentiment
  • d) run a program that vectorizes the text
  • e) compare the text from my corpus to the dictionary
  • f) ..... unsure what after this step.

Are these steps accurate, or am I totally off-base?


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Here is a tutorial, that should help you get started.


Part 1: There are pretrained state of the art models trained on their corpus which could be used for sentiment analysis.

Part 2: You may always train your data on their model rather than creating your own model.


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