I need to do my master thesis under Big Data Analytics - Machine Learning subject. I was challenged to create a Market Basket Analysis project on retail industry.

My dataset contains transactions of a supermarket over a year and I will have to predict which products are associated.

The requirements for my project are: - We must visualize the evolution of the model (Learnable Evolution Model) - Must be done using Hadoop tool (+ Spark)

I already look for multiple source codes/tutoriais to learn how can I do this but I can't find a machine learning implementation project for find patterns using Spark...

Anyone have an idea how can I find some good tutorials to learn this skills for me to do my master thesis algorithm?


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I don't know about learnable evolution models, but Spark ML has a module for collaborative filtering. This can be used to find objects that are similar/often bought together etc. Amazon uses it to show you the "People who bought this also bought these items" feature on their website.


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