I currently tried to figure out which paddings are directly supported by the frameworks:

Tensorflow (tf.nn.conv2d):

  • padding='VALID': No padding
  • padding='SAME': 0-padding such that the output has the same size as the input

By applying tf.pad and then padding='VALID' one can get reflect and symmetric padding.

Lasagne (lasagne.layers.Conv2DLayer) (and probably also Theano):

  • pad='full': A variant of 0-padding which results in a bigger image
  • pad='same': Like SAME for TF
  • pad='valid': Like SAME for TF

Caffe (docs): I have no idea which padding they support. As pad_h and pad_w seem to be in convolution_param, I guess padding is supported. Probably (only?) zero-padding.

Hence my question:

Are there publications where CNNs with padding, which was neither VALID nor SAME, or not 0-padding, was used?

For example, I know of the following other options:

  • reflect
  • nearest

both of them might have the advantage, that the filter does not detect a border, where no border is.



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