Is there any good library in stanfordNLP which is meant for name parsing? Basically i want to separate first name, last name, nickname, surname, givenname from the full name. Something similar to HumanName and parserator.tag, parserator.parse? Lets say i have a name Mr George "Gob" Bluth II and if i use parserator.parse, it gives me below output. Is there something like this in stanford NLP?

>>> probablepeople.parse('Mr George "Gob" Bluth II')  
[('Mr', 'PrefixMarital'), ('George', 'GivenName'), ('"Gob"', 'Nickname'), ('Bluth', 'Surname'), ('II', 'SuffixGenerational')]



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Name parsing does not appear to built-in to Stanford CoreNLP. .

One option is writing a series of Regular Expression using Stanford TokensRegex to parse and label name tokens.

Another option is using a third party package, such as nameparser in Python.


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