when I look into the R package pmml, I found that, it is possible to directly export nnet model into PMML format.

But actually I am using neuralnet package since it has more features and flexibility.

The problem is:

How can I export neuralnet model to PMML format, I checked pmml package, it doesn't work.

Any other options like transform neuralnet model to nnet model, or some other PMML packages to use? thanks


You already mentioned the alternatives...

  • convert the neuralnet object to a nnet class object
  • implement pmml.neuralnet()

Both pmml, nnet and neuralnet packages are easy to read. You can find the source code over cran.

I think implementing pmml.neuralnet() might be the cleanest. You can just copy-paste the current pmml.nnet() method, call it pmml.neturalnet() and make the necessary changes. Should not take more than a day's work.

ps: It would be cool if you'd sent your function to neuralnet authors afterwards of course, and link it from here. :)

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  • $\begingroup$ I already contacted the author Frauke Guthener who wrote the neuralnet, but he seems to have no interest on transform nn model to pmml model. and I started to work on the suggestions you gave. and since I am full-day employee and have a girlfriend who likes to travel a lot... I can't foresee the date i will finish that thing. I will paste a link for that work when I finish it. and thanks @Ricardo Cruz $\endgroup$ – cinqS Dec 26 '16 at 2:00

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