I would like to train convolutional neural networks using a gtx580 gpu. I tried setting up TensorFlow but it did not work (wrong cuda compute compability).

Which deep learning framework can best support a gtx580 gpu in terms of functionality and speed?


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Unfortunately you can't use GTX 580+Tensorflow.

TensorFlow GPU support requires having a GPU card with NVidia Compute Capability >= 3.0, while GTX 580 has only 2.0 compute capability.

However, caffe supports CUDA compute capability 2.0. You can have a try.





I'm using Tensorflow with GeForce GT640 on Windows 7 x64. Also your GPU, GTX 540 is on the CUDA GPUs list. So try to reinstall CUDA. It'll work!

edit: cuDNN needs GPU of compute capability 3.0 or higher.


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