I am debugging a code which I haven't written. I want to print out state_below_ variable which is calculated as following:

state_below_ = tensor.dot(state_below*emb_dropout[1], tparams[pp(prefix, 'W')]) +\
        tparams[pp(prefix, 'b')]

When I use state_below_.eval(), I get

MissingInputError: ("An input of the graph, used to compute Reshape{1}(y_sampler, TensorConstant{(1,) of -1}), was not provided and not given a value.Use the Theano flag exception_verbosity='high',for more information on this error.", y_sampler)

error. How can I print this damn "state_below_" value?



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For evaluating and tensor, you have to pass the value of the input tensors as shown in the below code snippet.

import numpy
import theano.tensor as T
x = T.dscalar('x')
y = T.dscalar('y')
z = x + y
print(z.eval({x : 16.3, y : 12.1}))

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