I am new to predictive analytics but I am good at programming (like Spark, R).

I have 10 variables and I know their score's for over a long period of time. I want to know which variable will have high score in the future?

If it is a linear plot (plotted between score and time for a variable), we can extrapolate the values and find the max(future_score) among the 10 variables.

But the plot is non-linear (although continuous).

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help?


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Can you show us some plots of them ? it really depends on what they look. There is a lot of temporal series forecast.

It will depends on :

  • Is there any seasonality ?
  • Is there a trend ?
  • Is there a high volatility ?
  • On how long do you want do to your forecast ?

Exciting stuff that you're getting into! You may find this video helpful about Predictive Analytics and its fundamentals.

They offer a ton of helpful insight on predictive analytics fundamentals and how predictive analytics fit into the spectrum of analytics and data science.

Hopefully, this will help clarify!

Best Wishes, Bethany


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