I am using the scipy.stats.t.fit function, and I am surprised by the results. If I fit on some bimodal data, say


I get


That is, the scale is effectively zero, and I will never be able to sample anything near 5, just the more frequent data point 1.

I guess you really can't fit on data that is too different from a t-distribution - but is scipy really giving the best t dist fit to the data? I would think that if I compute a sample mean and variance myself, i.e,

df = 5
loc = 2.33
scale = 1.88

That I'd have a better fit, although I haven't computed the likelihood of sampling [1,1,1,5,5] from these two t distributinos.


The t-test has many assumptions. That dataset violates several of them:

  • Data should be sufficiently large (>30 independent points)
  • Data should be approximately normally distributed

Given that the assumptions are violated, you can not expect to valid results.


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