I want to use the SQL table connector to link data in a PostGres database which is on my local machine running as 9.6. When I do this I get the following error;

could not open extension control file ".../postgressql/extension/quantile.control" No such file or directory

Looking so some similar issues I tried:

find /usr -name quantile.control

in terminal and get:

find: /usr/sbin/authserver: Permission denied

What can I do to resolve this?

EDIT: From this answer I can see tat I need to install an extension, which I do according to the instructions here. But am not able to get the extension to install getting the following error:

INFO: best version: quantile 1.1.5
INFO: saving /var/folders/0c/g8tsv9jx3qgdwrdpqvjx45tr0000gn/T/tmppe1b4shp/quantile-1.1.5.zip
INFO: unpacking: /var/folders/0c/g8tsv9jx3qgdwrdpqvjx45tr0000gn/T/tmppe1b4shp/quantile-1.1.5.zip
INFO: building extension
Makefile:16: /Applications/anaconda/lib/pgxs/src/makefiles/pgxs.mk: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/Applications/anaconda/lib/pgxs/src/makefiles/pgxs.mk'.  Stop.


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