Studio Server on an Ubuntu EC2 instance for the first time and successfully started r-studio server in my browser. I also have putty ssh client.For the Purpose of this Analysis i first want to download a file from the Website called UCI Machine Learning Repository and then access the file for downstream Analysis, so i used the Below shown R Script in the r-studio server in my browser

download.file("https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/machine-learning-databases/haberman/haberman.data", destfile = "Haberman.txt")

This works exactly fine but since i am new to work in the Cloud Platform i couldn't understand where RStudio stores the Haberman.txt file, because when i work on my PC i used to specify the Path to store the Haberman.txt file in the destfile argument as shown below

 download.file("https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/machine-learning-databases/haberman/haberman.data", destfile = "E:/Couresera_Datasets/Haberman.txt")

Now when i Navigate to the specified Path in my PC i will be able to find the Haberman.txt file but where can i find the Haberman.txt file in the Ubuntu EC2 instance when i use the download.file()?

Any Help Will be Appreciated.

Thank you in Advance


It'll put it exactly where you asked for it:

 destfile = "Haberman.txt"

that is, a file called Haberman.txt in the current working directory at the time you ran download.file. You can get the current working directory with getwd() in R.

So for example if its something you can read with read.csv, you can do:

hdata = read.csv("Haberman.txt")

as long as you haven't changed the current working directory (like with setwd).


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