i have two DataFrames(Action,Comedy). Action contains two columns(year,rating) ratings columns contains average rating with respect to year. Comedy Dataframe contains same two columns with different mean values.

i merge both dataframe in a total_year Dataframe

Output of total_year

Totle year Output

Now i want to plot total_year on line graph in which X axis should contain year column and Y axis should contain both action and comedy columns.

i can plot only 1 column at a time on Y axis using following code.

total_year[-15:].plot(x='year', y='action' ,figsize=(10,5), grid=True  )

How i can plot both columns on Y axis?

i took this photo from google just to let you know guys i want to draw graph in this way

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ i got answer of this Question here $\endgroup$ – Bilal Butt Dec 12 '17 at 14:58

Feeding your column names into the y values argument as a list works for me like so:

total_year[-15:].plot(x='year', y=['action', 'comedy'], figsize=(10,5), grid=True)

Using something like the answer at this link is better and gives you way more control over the labels and whatnot: adding lines with plt.plot()

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