I have a visualization problem.

Creating a comparison report of PR event efficiency. Say, show or exhibition.

There are two dimensions of comparison:

  • compare vs the same event performance in the past years
  • compare vs another type of analogical/competitive events

There is also a number of comparison aspects:

  • Audience
  • Media Coverage
  • Social Buzz
  • ROI
  • .... etc

Each aspect is a set of some final KPI-s (just numbers, which can be compared vs another "dimensions"), plus maybe some descriptive text and pictures (which couldn't be a metric but should be attached to the report).

So finaly it looks like a three-dimensional coube:

  1. Years
  2. Another Events
  3. Aspects

If I put it in plain Word or PPT it will look like a document with dozen of slides/papers and linear structure.

Any ideas how to compile an elegant user-friendly report?



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