I'm trying to set up Hadoop in the pseudodistributed form. So I edited the suggested xml files. In the file yarn-site.xml, I had to insert:


What is the "mapreduce_shuffle" option?


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The mapreduce_shuffle in this config file is part of Plugable Shuffle and Sort. Shuffle and Sort are what connect the mappers to the reducers. A nice graphical representation of this is the following (shuffle is called "copy" in this figure):


The Hadoop arcitecture alllows these steps to be customized:

The pluggable shuffle and pluggable sort capabilities allow replacing the built in shuffle and sort logic with alternate implementations. Example use cases for this are: using a different application protocol other than HTTP such as RDMA for shuffling data from the Map nodes to the Reducer nodes; or replacing the sort logic with custom algorithms that enable Hash aggregation and Limit-N query.

The mapreduce_shuffle parameter is mentioned in the Hadoop Docs, and is the default value for this configuration.


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