Can any one suggest a dataset that contains multi channel/multi dimensional feature values that can be classified using a deep feed forward neural network?

Please ask me if the question is not clear enough.


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You have not specified which deep net you are using. You can use any data set which is of the right format in TensorFlow. If you are using convolutional networks, You may need data which locality is important. In this case:

  • MNIST data set
  • ImageNet data set

may help you. If you are doing other tasks I highly recommend you taking a look at this question which is so much popular and has great answers.

If I want to quote, I quote the following answer. Network Repository an interactive data repository with over 600+ networks in 20+ collections; from large-scale social networks, web graphs, biological networks, communication and technological networks my help you.

Data Sets

Data Sets From awesome-datascience


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