Can someone please post a straightforward example of Keras using a callback to save a model after every epoch? I can find examples of saving weights, but I want to be able to save a completely functioning model after every training epoch.


Setting 'save_weights_only' to False in the Keras callback 'ModelCheckpoint' will save the full model; this example taken from the link above will save a full model every epoch, regardless of performance:

keras.callbacks.ModelCheckpoint(filepath, monitor='val_loss', verbose=0, save_best_only=False, save_weights_only=False, mode='auto', period=1)

Some more examples are found here, including saving only improved models and loading the saved models.


Make sure to include epoch variable in your filepath. Otherwise your saved model will be replaced after every epoch.

filepath = "saved-model-{epoch:02d}-{val_acc:.2f}.hdf5"
checkpoint = ModelCheckpoint(filepath, monitor='val_acc', verbose=1, save_best_only=False, mode='max')

For more examples, check here.

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