I've this code (part of predictive model):

training_features, test_features, training_target, test_target, = train_test_split(df.drop(['target'], axis=1),
                                              test_size = .3,
    coef_gini = DecisionTreeClassifier(criterion = "gini", random_state = 100, max_depth = 3, min_samples_leaf = 5)
    coef_gini.fit(training_features, training_target)

    y_pred = coef_gini.predict(test_features)

How can I export my dataset with the predictive value in order to create a confusion matrix to determine the False Positive value?



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If you are just looking for generating Confusion Matrix, then you can try using this command:

#for generating confusion matrix    
sklearn.metrics.confusion_matrix(y_true, y_pred, labels=None, sample_weight=None)

If you are just looking for binding predicted and actual values, you can use this command

#For Arrays you can use this

#for dataframe you can use this
DataFrame.append(other, ignore_index=False, verify_integrity=False)[source]

for better understaning you can go through this Link-1,Link-2,Link-3


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