I am trying to implement VGG-16 architecture in TensorFlow.

As mentioned in the paper, they changed the learning rate 3 time during their 74 epochs of training.

def optimizer(lr):
    return tf.train.MomentumOptimizer(learning_rate = lr)

But when I tried to change the learning rate in tensorflow,

opt_momentum = optimizer(lr)
opt = opt_momentum.minimize(cost)

I get the following error

FailedPreconditionError (see above for traceback): Attempting to use 
uninitialized value fully_connected_2/biases/Momentum_1

I use builder = tf.saved_model.builder.SavedModelBuilder(export_dir) to save the model.

However. I can't understand how to load the trained weights to initialize the layers after changing the learning_rate?

For changing the learning, I am calling the function optimizer with a new learning rate as argument, which is return me a new op but the error says that the layers are uninitialized.



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