I'm struggling to write some tensor manipulation code for a custom loss function I'm using in Keras.

Basically, I'm trying to modify a binary_crossentropy loss by adding a weight that is calculated from a particular feature.

First thing I do is pass in my extra feature data to the custom loss by appending it to the y_true like this:

y_trainModded = numpy.append(y_train, MyExtraData, axis=1)

Which is then passed to the fit function like:

model.fit(X_train, y_trainModded, epochs=2500, .....)

Then extracted to make it usable like this:

def myCustomLoss(data, y_pred):
    y_true = data[:,:2]
    MyExtraData = data[:,2]

So far, that all works fine. However, I'm struggling with a section where I want to only select the MyExtraData where I predicted '1'. Intuitively, this would simply be something like:

ExtraDataWherePredicted1 = MyExtraData[y_pred > 0]

However, we're dealing with tensors, not numpy arrays. I tried casting to numpy arrays using eval(), but that didn't work. I also tried various approaches using keras.backend operations such as:

WherePredicted1 = K.greater( y_pred,0)
ExtraDataWherePredicted1 = tf.boolean_mask(MyExtraData, WherePredicted1)

Which I could then use to weight my loss such as:

return K.mean(K.binary_crossentropy(y_pred,y_true), axis=-1)-(K.mean(ExtraDataWherePredicted1))

But anything I try throws out various errors...I just can't figure out how to calculate ExtraDataWherePredicted1. I'm also finding it super hard to debug the loss function because I can't print() anything inside it, so it's very hard to double check to see if the arrays/tensors are what I expect them to be.

Any help would be appreciated!

  • $\begingroup$ I think I might have solved this - see my answer. $\endgroup$
    – zxorbit
    May 16, 2018 at 15:46

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I think I might have finally just solved this myself.

1) I changed my Keras backend to use TensorFlow instead of Theano, so that I could use:


This command was not available under the Theano backend and thus giving me errors.

2) I had to change my code slightly to work with the correct dimensions. It now reads:

WherePredicted1 = K.greater( y_pred[:,1],0.5) 
ExtraDataWherePredicted1 = tf.boolean_mask(MyExtraData, WherePredicted1) 

Still finding it hard to debug/test a custom loss function, but it's looking like feasible values to might well be correct.


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