I trained a faster-rcnn model on the tensorflow object detection API on a custom dataset. I found that the loss is ~2 after 3.5k steps. However, when I ran eval.py, the mAP scores are all almost 0 as shown below.

Category-wise mAP scores on Tensorboard

I do not understand why this is the case. However, when I look at the images at 3.5k steps, the model has captured some of the boxes as shown below

output of the Faster-RCNN model after 3.5k iterations

Can someone please explain why the mAP scores are close to zero, even though the model has learned to output quite a few boxes?


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I recommend several checks to make sure you get reasonable mAP@IoU scores for object detection API:

  1. Try varying the Intersection over Union (IoU) threshold, e.g 0.2-0.5 and see if you get an increase in average precision. You would have to modify matching_iou_threshold parameter in object_detection/utils/object_detection_evaluation.py
  2. Try different evaluator classes (the default one is EVAL_DEFAULT_METRIC = 'pascal_voc_detection_metrics'). If you are training on Open Image Dataset it makes sense to use open_images_V2_detection_metrics
  3. Check your eval config file and increase the number of examples used in the evaluation set, e.g.

    eval_config: { num_examples: 20000 num_visualizations: 16 min_score_threshold: 0.2 # Note: The below line limits the evaluation process to 10 evaluations. # Remove the below line to evaluate indefinitely. max_evals: 1 }

  4. Train the object detector for more iterations
  5. Check current mAP against reported metrics (e.g. COCO mAP@IoU=0.5): COCO mAP at IoU=0.5

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