Sorry if this post is in the wrong place. I'm looking for a dataset containing qualitative progress-reports, preferably in the context of project-management. For example:

'I'm worried that our department is too stretched to meet the deadline on Tuesday'
'The progress on task x has been stalled due to delays at the client end'
'Works going really well on task x, I think we'll probably be done ahead of schedule'

Hopefully I can use data such as this to determine the classification accuracy of an NLP-based crisis-detection tool I'm making for ongoing organisational projects. Data does not need to be annotated, I'm happy to do that myself.

I've already found the Enron dataset and the Jira social repository dataset, elements of which I will include in the final testing set. Does anyone have any additional recommendations?

(It would be great to find a dataset not related to software-projects)


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