Let’s say we have a data frame that looks like this: Df:

 A    B
0  45  78
1  5   34
2  3   0
3  56  0
4  34  0 
5  23  0

Does the fact that we have more values different than zero in column A would affect feature importance result, which means would this mean that A is more important, or it doesn’t matter ?

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    0 might have special meaning depending on the feature, as well as your task. – Ankit Seth Aug 10 at 11:41
  • so having so many 0 does not necessarily mean that the feature is less important, it's an information that the algorithm takes in consideration like any other number ? – Oumab10 Aug 10 at 11:47
  • Yes, that is correct. – Ankit Seth Aug 10 at 11:49

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