Given a pandas dataframe with a timestamp index, sorted. I have a label and I need to find the closest index to that label. Also, I need to find a smaller timestamp, so the search should be computed in the minor timestamps. Here is my code:

import pandas as pd
import datetime

data = [i for i in range(100)]
dates = pd.date_range(start="01-01-2018", freq="min", periods=100)
dataframe = pd.DataFrame(data, dates)

label = "01-01-2018 00:10:01"
method = "pad"
tol = datetime.timedelta(seconds=60)
idx = dataframe.index.get_loc(key=label, method="pad", tolerance=tol)

print("Closest idx:"+str(idx))
print("Closest date:"+str(dataframe.index[idx]))

the searching is too slow. Is there a way to improve it?


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This probably doesn't take into account that dates are sorted and thus performs as O(n). Try using binary-search on dates, that would perform as O(log(n)) (avoid implementing your own, look for a standard module, maybe it exists in numpy).


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