I have a CNN model written using tensorflow for python, the model is for classifying lung CT images (cancer/no-cancer), after training the model with training and validation data and get a reasonable accuracy, after all, that I need to test the model with test data, but I don't know how to do that? how to save the model and using it for testing?


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You can find the details in this tutorial: Save CNN model

To summarize:

Tensorflow variables are only alive inside a session. So, you have to save the model inside a session by calling save method on saver object.

import tensorflow as tf
saver = tf.train.Saver()
sess = tf.Session()
saver.save(sess, 'my_test_model')

For saving the model after 1000 iterations, call save by passing the step count:

saver.save(sess, 'my_test_model',global_step=1000)

To use pre-trained model for fine-tuning:

with tf.Session() as sess:    
    saver = tf.train.import_meta_graph('my-model-1000.meta')
##Model has been restored. Above statement will print the saved value of w1.

To add more operations to the graph by adding more layers and then train it.

#First let's load meta graph and restore weights
saver = tf.train.import_meta_graph('my_test_model-1000.meta')

# Now, let's access and create placeholders variables and
# create feed-dict to feed new data

graph = tf.get_default_graph()
w1 = graph.get_tensor_by_name("w1:0")
w2 = graph.get_tensor_by_name("w2:0")
feed_dict ={w1:13.0,w2:17.0}

#Now, access the op that you want to run. 
op_to_restore = graph.get_tensor_by_name("op_to_restore:0")

#Add more to the current graph
add_on_op = tf.multiply(op_to_restore,2)

print sess.run(add_on_op,feed_dict)
#This will print 120.

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