I am currently searching a neural network that can classify if there is a human in an image or not.

I checked the ImageNet dataset, but the 1000 classes there contain nothing like human or person or such, mostly animals and things.

Segmentation CNNs usually have a lot longer runtime, and all I really need is basically a binary NN, just "Yes = Human in Image", "No = No human in image". Can someone point me to a training set or a pre-trained network?


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In Part 1 of this "tutorial/discussion" ther is a good explanation of the problem and a possible solution using OpenCV built in Haar Cascades or HOG for Human Detection (this is the key-word you should use to search info about your task).

They are both really fast compared to NN and require little training.

In Part 2 are explained more modern approaches using Deep Learning. A notable mention would be AlexNet.

At the end there is even a tutorial on Setting up a Basic Human Detector with Tensorflow.


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