Probably an obvious one, but I just cannot figure it out. enter image description here

I know there's a drop down menu on the left that allows you to decide what to colour, but I cannot seem to find a way to change what colour the data points appear. As you can see from my image above, the colours aren't exactly the best for visually displaying the data.

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I just realised I'd missed the 'colour' widget. By connecting the data table to the 'colour' widget, I could set what colour I wanted different data sets to be. Then I could attach the colour widget to my scatter plot, and BAM, the colours I wanted. I needed to make sure the scatter plot widget was connected to both the colour widget and the data table. There may be a more streamlined way to do it, but that worked.

(Posting my own answer rather than deleting, in case anyone else has similar issues).

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