There have been many recent papers on using cognitive neuroscience as inspiration for the improvement of machine learning.

For example, Hassabis et al. (2017) have written an article on Neuroscience-inspired Artificial Intelligence

Similarly, Lake et al. (2017) have published 'Building machines that learn and think like people'

Marblestone et al. (2016) have their 'Toward an integration of deep learning and neuroscience'

Finally, a while ago Gershman et al. (2015) released their article on Computational Rationality

I'm looking for what other research has highlighted how neuroscience can enhance machine learning.

  • $\begingroup$ are you aware you can perform a lookup to identify which newer research papers refer to a previous paper ? this easily will show you a set of such papers ... for starters just look at the first hit when you google : what papers reference Neuroscience-Inspired Artificial Intelligence Demis Hassabis ... of course you can then perform this forward looking lookup on the resultant list ... rinse and repeat $\endgroup$ – Scott Stensland Sep 27 '18 at 0:39

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