I'm using the linear regression tool with the Ridge regularization. To use the Ridge regularization, I have to scale the data first. Does Orange scale the data automatically? I can't find any information about this mentioned in Orange's documentation for Ridge regularization.

In python's scikit-learn, I have to scale the data manually before using Ridge Regression. In MATLAB, the scaling in the Ridge function included. So, do I have to scale the data manually before I'm using the Ridge Regression in orange?

Thanks for your help.


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Not by default, no, as shown by the normalise=False here:

class Orange.regression.linear.RidgeRegressionLearner(alpha=1.0, fit_intercept=True, normalize=False, copy_X=True, max_iter=None, tol=0.001, solver='auto', preprocessors=None)

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    $\begingroup$ I would just like to add that Orange usually wraps scikit-learn's models, so the same that applies for sklean would apply for Orange. $\endgroup$
    – vijolica
    Oct 3, 2018 at 7:09

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