Is this the correct Estimator for Logistic Regression in TF 1.10?

There used to be a function called: LogisticRegressor which is deprecated

In README.md file it says:

LogisticRegressor: Not supported. Instead, use binary_classification_head with a custom model_fn, or with DNNEstimator

When I look into documentation in tensorflow.org I see an example on Census data:

"We will train a logistic regression model that, given an individual's information, outputs a number between 0 and 1—this can be interpreted as the probability that the individual has an annual income of over 50,000 dollars." Which is using:

model = tf.estimator.LinearClassifier(
    feature_columns=base_columns + crossed_columns,


1) Is there any sample with Logistic Regression for new TF estimator API.

2) Which one would be a good dataset to do Logistic Regression?


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