After a model is built, how can I use it to predict the class of a single string?

model.predict() is returning something like [[0.41100174 0.5889983 ]] instead of it's predicted class (0 or 1).

Say I just built model like so:

hist = model.fit(data.x_train,
                 validation_data=(data.x_test, data.y_test),
                 callbacks=[checkpoint, estopping, tensorboard])

I'm looking to predict a string's class using model.predict(), but it returns something like [[0.41100174 0.5889983 ]] instead of it's predicted class (0 or 1).

The shape of data.x_test (used for validation data) is the same shape as data.x_data (reformatted string to predict): (1, 250, 70) (except the number of rows, obviously)

Here's how I'm trying to use the model to predict the class of a string.

def predict_string(model,s):
    df = pd.DataFrame([s], columns=['text'])
    df = df.reset_index(drop=True)
    df['label'] = [0]

    df.label = pd.to_numeric(df.label, errors='coerce') # Convert to integer
    df = df.dropna()
    df = df[df.label.apply(lambda x: x !="")]
    df = df[df.text.apply(lambda x: x !="")]

    vocab_len = 70
    data = char_preproc(df.text, df.label, vocab_len, True, None)
    y_pred = model.predict(data.x_data)
    return y_pred

s = "Best movie ever" # Out: [[0.41100174 0.5889983 ]]

# s = "Worst movie ever" # Out: [[0.5436389  0.45636114]]

y_pred = predict_string(model, s)
print("Review: {}\"\nPredict: {}".format(s, y_pred))

I'm not sure it matters, but for testing, I'm classifying movie reviews as good (1) or bad (0) using a Character-level CNN trained on the Rotten Tomatoes Movie Review dataset, running on GPU via Google Colab.

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    $\begingroup$ Those are the probabilities which your model thinks the given test image belongs to, you can use argmax(np.argmax()) $\endgroup$ – Aditya Oct 31 '18 at 6:05

[[0.41100174 0.5889983 ]] what this means is the probability of class 0 is 0.411 and probability of class 1 is 0.588. Since probability of class 1 is greater than probability of class 0, it belongs to class 1.

a = [[0.41100174 0.5889983 ]]


Output : 1

np.argmax will get you the class.

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  • $\begingroup$ FYI: a = [[0.5 0.5 ]]; np.argmax(a) returns 1. Is there a numpy way to only return 1 if it's actually greater than the probability of the 0 class? $\endgroup$ – Ryan Nov 3 '18 at 0:38

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