I have a .txt(data.txt) file containing csv data like:

X         Class
15.0001   Yes
18.00     NO
17.07     Yes

I need to make a function to return a list of tuples of each samples. So far I did:

import csv
def readAllData(str): 
    with open(str,'r') as f:
        data=[tuple(line) for line in csv.reader(f)]
    return (data)



I want:

[(15.001, Yes), (18.00, No), (17.07, Yes)]

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Don't bring everything into memory at once...

It's won't work for many cases as well..

csv's are , separated files and tsv's are tab(\t) separated.. They fall in the same category though..

tqdm is optional..

import csv
from tqdm import tqdm_notebook

with open('sample.txt','rb') as tsvin, open('new.csv', 'wb') as csvout:

    tsvin = csv.reader(tsvin, delimiter='\t')
    csvout = csv.writer(csvout)

    for row in tqdm_notebook(tsvin):
            csvout.writerows([row[:] for _ in range(2)])

Technically speaking, you do not have a CSV, you have a TSV. So I would take the time to split out each row accordingly and then build your tuple.

In the line:

data=[tuple(line) for line in csv.reader(f)] return (data)

You need to replace csv.reader to handle tsv instead.

  • $\begingroup$ Can you give a little more explanation on how can I do that? $\endgroup$ Commented Nov 1, 2018 at 17:38

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