I work on a dataset with numeric values.The class labels has also numeric values.I made the 6 numeric class labels into one witch contain values like e.g happy_pleased. I want to insert the new .arff file into weka but i have a problem with the class @attribute as i declare it as nominal. Witch is the right type to declare the class label? I tried nominal but nothing happened


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You need to list the set of nominal values for the class in the arff file, comma-separated and enclosed in curly brackets {}. Here's an example:


@ATTRIBUTE sepallength  REAL
@ATTRIBUTE sepalwidth   REAL
@ATTRIBUTE petallength  REAL
@ATTRIBUTE petalwidth   REAL
@ATTRIBUTE class    {Iris-setosa,Iris-versicolor,Iris-virginica}

In your case, Iris-setosa,Iris-versicolor,Iris-virginica would be replaced with happy_pleased,...

If this still doesn't work, you can tell WEKA which attribute is the class in the explorer by choosing the correct attribute in the drop-down list above the histogram in the bottom right corner.


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