Let's say I have a task with only 3 classes - 0, 1 and 2. I have built some different classifiers to make pixel-wise predictions for input images. But what would be a proper way to combine their results?

The only (and might be naive) way I've come up with is to make a pixel-wise majority vote.

However, I have read this paper(section III.D.2)) and they used "average, min, max and multiple operations". I guess "average" is equivalent to majority vote, but how could "min, max" work? (It seems unreasonable to "max the label", then what they might be maximizing ? probabilities? ) Also, what does "multiple" mean?


1. What does min, max and multiple mean as ensemble methods in a semantic segmentation task ?

2. Are there any other good choices to combine multiple classifiers for a semantic segmentation task except majority vote ?


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