I have X values and corresponding y-labels, until now I used to round my labels <0.5 to 0 and >0.5 to 1. Is it possible to use values between 0 and 1 for "y train"? Using Keras and Tensorflow. Appreciate any suggestions.

Assuming y_train is already in range [0, 1], it should be enough to specify the correct loss function while compiling a model (model.compile).

Loss functions can be found here.

Chose one which is not for categorical variables (since you have a range [0, 1]).

You are talking about 2 different optimization problems and would know best which of the 2 is your case.

In the first case you are trying to divide the data to 2 distinctive categories - classification (using 0,1 labels), and in the second you are trying to estimate the relationship between the input and the output variables - regression (using the [0,1] range).

For the first category you should use binary cross-entropy (keras.losses.binary_crossentropy)

For the second you should use MSE (keras.losses.mean_squared_error).

These are just 2 of the available options, you can read about more options in the following link: How to choose the right loss for fitting a model

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