Explanatin: 1. There are 5 appliances in "applanceName colomn". each appliance(Fan, LED, Srtip, Tube,Bulb) has some observations with StateOnTime and StateOffTime. 2. In StateOnTime there are 2 or 3 patterns like eg: FAN has some observations. This fan is most of the switched On at between 14:00 to 15:00 and between 20:00 to 00:00,So these are the Two patterns. (Pattern accuracy should be greater than 40%, pattern calculated formula: No. of pattern observations/30 days * 100) ------ -- -between 2 to 3 pm,19 observations there,so 19/30*100==63%,then select this pattern In Fan level, I found 2 above patterns... SO OUTPUT WILL GET: Average the pattern of StateOnTime and StateOffTIme (please open output file and see) (If we found greater than 2 patterns, we can calculate the average of all patterns)


Here, I am attaching sample input and output file.( I was extracted this output manuallYenter image description here) enter image description here I am eagerly waiting for all your answers...!

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