I have a project based on tweets wherein I am trying to build a binary classifier, I am aware that I can use a contextual LSTM model which takes the metadata of a tweet as an auxiliary input within the LSTM model. Are there any such models that are versatile to handle textual, numeric and categorical data (one hot encoded/dummy encoded) to classify without creating sparse text matrices.

Ex data:

text                        |topic          | url count      | sentiment
good show, lovely portrayal | topic 1       | 5              | Positive
brutal...wasted time        | topic 2       | 0              | Negative
  • You need to change the textual fields to numerical one by using any encoding. I don't think there is any which can handle textual form. – Rishi Bansal Dec 7 at 10:34
  • @RishiBansal I have vectorized the text by using GLoVE embeddings – aastha Dec 7 at 10:47
  • Tf-idf lasso linear regression can also include other variables than words – keiv.fly Dec 9 at 2:47

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