How to replace the merge statement in newer version of keras. Newer version of keras doen't support the Merge.

for fsz in filter_sizes:
    l_conv = Conv1D(nb_filter=128,filter_length=fsz,activation='relu')(embedded_sequences)
    l_pool = MaxPooling1D(5)(l_conv)

l_merge = Merge(mode='concat', concat_axis=1)(convs)

This changed a while ago. Now you can use the concatenate layer. Documentation says:


Definition: concatenate(inputs, axis=-1, **kwargs)

Type: Function of keras.layers.merge module

Functional interface to the Concatenate layer.

Arguments→ inputs: A list of input tensors (at least 2). axis: Concatenation axis. **kwargs: Standard layer keyword arguments.

Returns→ A tensor, the concatenation of the inputs alongside axis axis.

Since you are using the Functional API:

from keras.layers import concatenate
l_merge = concatenate(convs, axis=1)
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