I need to implement an activation function that is similar to Keras's "hard-sigmoid", only for different limit values:

  • 0 if x < 0
  • 1 if x > 1
  • x if 0 <= x <= 1

How do I implement it with a tensorflow backend Keras?


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Based on this post, hard-sigmoid in Keras is implemented as max(0, min(1, x*0.2 + 0.5)). To obtain the graph you like you have to tweak the shift and slope parameters, i.e. leave them out in your case:

$$ max(0, min(1, x)) $$

This will generate following graph:


For Keras' TensorFlow backend you can find the implementation here. This would be the corresponding changed "hard-sigmoid", for your case:

zero = _to_tensor(0., x.dtype.base_dtype)
one = _to_tensor(1., x.dtype.base_dtype)
x = tf.clip_by_value(x, zero, one)
return x

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