I made a CNN on Keras with Tensorflow backend, my training set has 144 examples, but each example has size of 3200*101. My CNN is very basic, just for learning, batch_size of 2 (I tried reducing it from 32 but nothing improves). One CNN layer, one flatten layer and one dense layer for output (11 classes). When I fit the model, mi laptop shows "Allocation of (a big number) exceeds 10 of system memory" and then freeze it, even without running 1 epoch. I can't "compress" the examples, each of them must have that size exactly. I am running the model on CPU (I dont have GPU), 8 gb ram, 1 tb disk. What can I do?

Psdt: Sorry for any bad english, I am still learning. And thanks for any answer!

  • $\begingroup$ 10 what, 10%? is the answer not just that you need more memory? $\endgroup$ – Sean Owen Jan 11 at 20:08
  • $\begingroup$ 3200*101 pixels? That's pretty large I would say. I had this error two days ago and the reason was too many filters/units per in my convolutional layer or dense layer. After reducing the filters/units it worked fine. $\endgroup$ – ZWang Jan 16 at 18:02

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