I have a data as below:

Date                                 Quantity   Rate      Value
01-Jan-18   0.5HP Motor Xcite        9 nos      2277.82   20500.39
02-Jan-18   0.5HP Pump Booster       1 nos      11648.30  11648.30
03-Jan-18   0.5 HP Trashmasher       1 nos      3390.70   3390.70

I want to predict the future value of the quantity/rate/value based on particular date for the given particular. Which model can be used to predict the future value for the given particular for a given date in the future? (I am a R developer and just started and I don't know Python)


You could use R to apply time series analysis to your data, i.e. as described here.

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  • $\begingroup$ Thank you. It helps at high level. But I want to predict the data for a given date or date range. Example: what will be my sales as on 30-Mar-19 or my sales between 15-mar-19 to 30-mar-19... This means, the date wise display may be required in the forecast/prediction results... $\endgroup$ – Balasubrahmanyam Ira Feb 15 '19 at 10:36

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