Hi I was reading the difference between GD and SGD and found the below link.

[What is the difference between Gradient Descent and Stochastic Gradient Descent?

Based on this information I wanted to understand how would SGD train in the below scenario :

Say we have a dataset having 10000 rows and 45 predictors. Now, since SGD trains each predictor on one example(1 from 10000) , does that mean it uses only 45 examples in total to train the 45 predictors?

I'd really appreciate a clear explanation of this scenario.



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In a given iteration of the stochastic gradient descent algorithm, all 45 predictors are updated using a randomly generated subset of your 10,000 observation sample. This subset may consist of only 1 observation, but typically cross validation is used to determine the optimal subset size. You could even try randomly generating different subset sizes each iteration.


Each stochastic gradient descent step would update the 45 model parameters using one training example.

Mathematically the gradient step in SGD can be represented as-

enter image description here




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