I have been trying to understand how to build LSTM model for multivariate time series forecast using Keras but I am still unsure how to present the data in the correct shape.

My Dataset:
•   5 cities.
•   Each with 2 features. Temperature and humidity.
•   Daily records of the last 10 weeks(Monday, Tuesday, …, Sunday)

What I want to do:

Given Monday’s record of the new week of a city, I'd like to forecast the Temperature and humidity for the remaining 6 days of that city. I.e. Multi-Step Forecast for Multivariate Time Series. Output shape(6,2)

How I have started off:

For each city, the input shape [(num_samples, num_time_steps, num_features) ] would be (10, 7, 2).

For 10 weeks, I will have five unique samples(5-cities) with the same shape (70, 2). So if I stack all vertically I will have (350, 2) or 3D shape (50,7,2). Then create a supervised series with lag 1, I will have a shape(244, 4)

# Split train/test data. 
train on 7-weeks. So input_shape= 5*(7,7,2) = (35,7,2)
test on 3-weeks. . So input_shape= 5*(3,7,2) = (15,7, 2)

What I am confused about:

The above layout seems to disregard the unique nature of each sample. I looked at this but still, a bit confused on how to transform it to a regression model.

I want the network to train each city's data separately as in this pic I would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks


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