Hi I got words that contain one of the following tokens: CO. PRO. IST.
How to clean my words from these tokens? Do you have any regex pattern?

for example the words :

convolutional NN in data science--> extract nothing   
co. Neural N --> extract co  
co NN --> extract nothing



you can use lookahead with str_extract from the stringr package.


stringr::str_extract(string = "co.asdkhsda", pattern = "co(?=\\.)") 
# extracts 'co' only when followed by a literal '.'

stringr::str_extract("convolutional NN in data science", pattern = "co(?=\\.)")
# extracts nothing, returns NA

The regex pattern


looks for 'co', followed by '\\.'

The '\\'-part is used to escape the special meaning of the '.'

The dot usually matches any character, and therefore need to be escaped.


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