I'm not using ImageDataGenerator because i'm using hdf5 files. I used DataGenerator class (1) to feed data to the model.fit_generator. How can I get the confusion matrix given that I have batches of random data? I know how to get it with model.predict using sklearn.

(1) https://stanford.edu/~shervine/blog/keras-how-to-generate-data-on-the-fly#


will give us a set of probabilities

y_true = test_generator.classes

will give us true labels

Because this is a binary classification problem, you have to find predicted labels. To do that you can use:

y_pred = probabilities > 0.5

Then we have true labels and predicted labels on the test dataset. So, the confusion matrix is given by:

font = {
'family': 'Times New Roman',
'size': 12
matplotlib.rc('font', **font)
mat = confusion_matrix(y_true, y_pred)
plot_confusion_matrix(conf_mat=mat, figsize=(8, 8), show_normed=False)

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