I completed the Udacity nanodegree in Deep Learning but found the final project to be extremely difficult since the only visual feedback were from plots via matplotlib (rotor speeds, x/y/z coordinates, x/y/z velocity, etc). Is there any way to render the learning per episode as done in openai gym?

A quick search for Python game engines only confused me more in terms of which one to use.

Here is a link to the final project, ie. fly a quadcopter using DDPG algorithm: https://github.com/udacity/RL-Quadcopter-2

It has a physics_sim.py, task.py, agent.py and a main ipynb notebook.


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I tried contacting a few drone simulator makers including DRL (Drone Racing League) and Velocidrone but the latter does not have API for Python and DRL has not responded.

Therefore, I looked at Unity ML Agents and saw that it's possible to create a simulation environment using free drone assets:



And they have a Python API:



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