I know similar questions have been asked and I already looked through a lot of them to figure out what the issue might be, but to no avail.

I am a College student currently working on a Big Data Project. I have to setup 5 Computers (1 Master + 4 slaves) to run Apache Spark on YARN. I had an initial Hadoop setup that I setup Spark on but I messed on some steps as the guides were from different sources.

So, I decided to start fresh with a guide for both Hadoop and Spark from the same source. I found and followed this Hadoop Setup Guide.

Note: Since the PCs have a good amount of Memory, I did not Configure Memory Allocation and left it as is.

After setting Hadoop up, I tried to start the daemons with start-dfs.sh and start-yarn.sh.

On the master Node, jps showed this:

21922 Jps
21603 NameNode
21655 DataNode
21787 SecondaryNameNode

but, on all the slave nodes jps came up with nothing:

19819 Jps

Is there something that I could have messed up here or is there an error in the Guide?

I had setup Hadoop previously and use this guide.

I tried some solutions that I found online but was unable to fix the issue. For reference, the Spark Installation Guide though I haven't started with this yet.

I would really appreciate any and all help. Thanks!



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